Huntsville City School Board releases community survey results in superintendent search

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.–  The clock is ticking for Huntsville City Schools to find a new superintendent. The school board held a special session Thursday where it released the results of a community survey about the position.

A recurring problem that came up among the results of the community survey is that there is a lack of communication among city schools. School board President Laurie McCaulley said these concerns are worth investigating.

“It is always to take lessons learned and you move forward from them,” she said.

One thing that came through loud and clear in the survey is that the community wants someone with experience as an educator, but not someone with a military background.

“We’ve discovered some of the things now that maybe in the last two or three years, that we didn’t do effectively, and we went back and changed them,” said McCaulley.

School board member elect Pam Hill said the survey results didn’t surprise her at all.

“It’s what teachers and educators, and parents in the community were trying to say for so long,” she said.

The survey results were incredibly consistent across the board. People want someone who will raise morale, focus on students, unite the community, and most important, communicate.

“We need someone who supports the teachers, so they can give the students the very best, and we need to bring back teachers that will stay,” said Hill.

When asked if Huntsville City Schools was going in the right direction, 28% of those surveyed strongly disagreed.

“Absolutely it’s going in the wrong direction, and we’ve been trying to say that but I’m afraid that Dr. Wardynski had brought his leaders into a bubble, and now maybe they’ll believe us,” said Hill.

It’s been nearly two months since Casey Wardynski suddenly resigned from the position. Pam Hill said the school board will be presented with the top five candidates in early November.