No tricks, all treats: App helps parents find homes welcoming trick-or-treaters

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Little girl in witch costume trick-or-treating

Nextdoor, the private social network for communities to use to talk with their neighbors, is offering a helpful tool for parents and their trick-or-treaters.

The Halloween Treat Map feature in the Nextdoor app allows you to find houses in your neighborhood giving out candy. You can sign up and search for neighborhoods near you to find the nearest locations.

The app also allows you to let your neighborhood know you’ll be handing out Halloween candy. A candy corn marker will appear over your address on the map if you select “Yes I am,” in the app.

If you mark your home with candy corn, your full address will be available to your Nextdoor neighbors, but not to your nearby neighbors. Your nearby neighbors will only see the approximate location of your home. The Treat Map is not accessible to anyone outside of your Nearby Neighborhoods.

The Nextdoor app is available for free to Apple and Android devices.