Madison County man says he was shot at while driving on I-565

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Retired veteran James Edwards said he was driving on Interstate 565 west bound Saturday morning when he was shot at.

“The arm come out with a gun at the end of it and my reaction was to lean right, I leaned right and they fired. I come back up and they speed off”, Edwards said.

He said the shots didn’t hit him or his car. He believes the car was targeting him, so he called police. He said he called Huntsville Police and informed them of the situation. Edwards decided to pursue the car without the blessing of police.

“I kept at it and said no they’re not going to get away, I stayed behind them. I gave police all of the details; mile markers. We got them pulled over and stopped,” Edwards said.

He said he followed the car to the Mooresville exit and police were able to take three men into custody.

Police said the men in the car were arrested on charges unrelated to the incident. Officers did confirm shots were fired out of a car window on I-565, but said the men inside of the vehicle were not shooting at anyone directly.