Huntsville woman heartbroken after her father’s cremated remains were stolen

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Losing a family member can be heartbreaking. Losing that person twice is unimaginable.  That's exactly what happened to one Huntsville woman.

"I feel like I lost my Daddy twice," said Sharita Thomas.

Not only is she dealing with her father's death, but also with the fact that someone stole his cremated remains. Now, WHNT News 19 is Taking Action to help shed light on the situation, in case the person responsible might see this report.

"I still had him in the car with me, because I didn't think it was right to mail him," Thomas explained.

Her plan was to divide his remains among her three children and her sister. She was going to drive the ashes to each of them within the next few weeks. That's until someone stole the urns out of her car while she was working at Family Video in Huntsville on Saturday.

"They were pretty bold to go on that side where this door is level with the store door," Thomas said.

Thomas tells WHNT News 19 the thief climbed into the back of the car and stole a box. What that person probably didn't know is that her father's ashes were inside it.

"They look like little bottles, genie bottles," said Thomas.

She wants the person to know that she doesn't care about anything else they got away with, but her dad's ashes are irreplaceable.

"That's my big thing, I don't want them to throw him away, to feel like he has been tossed away, and I really wish that they would return him," Thomas begged.

She is asking the person responsible to take the five urns to Family Video, located at 1042 Winchester Road. She says you don't even have to go inside.

Family Video is located at 1042 Winchester Road.