UPDATE: Firefighter injured; nine displaced during apartment complex fire

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Seven units respond to an apartment fire on Laurelwood Lane Saturday afternoon.

Captain Frank McKenzie of the Huntsville Fire Department says the fire started a little after one and they received five 911 calls in a two-minute time period.

All eight units of the complex received damage from fire, water, or smoke.  Six of those units were occupied.

Eight adults and one child have been displaced from the complex and the Red Cross is on hand to assist them.

Captain McKenzie said they had to utilize a track hoe to knock down part of the building where it was badly damaged.

A fire fighter was reportedly injured when a  beam fell.  Captain McKenzie said that he is being treated at the Huntsville Hospital ER for minor injuries.

Authorities say the fire started when a resident was cooking dinner and he saw smoke and a flash.  When he turned around his couch was on fire, and he couldn’t extinguish it, so he called 911.

At this time fire crews are still putting out hot spots.

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