#ICYMI: Stories that blew our minds this week

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Here are some of the stories that stood out to us this week, in case you missed it!

Super Fun Supermoons

We started the week off with a rare celestial phenomenon - a supermoon!

A supermoon, in case you missed this great blog post explanation from our weather team, is essentially a moon that's closer to Earth than normal. That makes it appear bigger and brighter and normal.

If you didn't get to see the one on October 16th, don't worry. The second of three to close out 2016 will show up on November 14th! Not only will that supermoon be the closest full moon of 2016, it'll also be the closest to date in the 21st century. Whoa!

Miracles and Red Tape

There was a story this week that tugged at our hearts in a way few can.

The Bedwell family

The Bedwells

Our Taking Action report called Miracles and Red Tape told the story of Gulf War Veteran Frank Bedwell's amazing recovery from a coma. At the very moment is family gathered to say a final prayer for him... he woke up.

Words don't really do the story justice... so make sure to watch it here.

The story isn't over. Bedwell still needs help to get home from Louisiana. His wife Amy said the VA has denied requests for a transfer and she's been told Alabama Medicaid will not pick him up. We're taking action to help the Bedwell family get answers, so keep watching for updates.

Monster Lobster

Hurricane Nicole blew in a monster lobster as it moved over Bermuda. Fisherman there captured an enormous 14 pound lobster! The story was shared thousands of times across the web and made all deep sea scavengers a little jealous... and terrified.

Woman Carries Skull on Stick

This next story comes straight out of a horror movie. A woman was found this week carrying a human skull... on a stick... down th street. Yep, you read that right.

Police in Sacramento, California were just as shocked as the rest of us. After tracking the woman down she led them to a homeless encampment where she said she'd found the skull. Police discovered more human remains there and are now investigating.

Amazing Weightloss!

(Photo courtsey: CNN/ Haley Smith/ Instagram

(Photo courtesy: CNN/ Haley Smith/ Instagram

Moving on to something a little bit lighter...

Here are the before and after images of Texas woman Haley Smith! She said after an engagement picture "wake up call" she was moved to make a life change.

So she want on a mission... and lost more than 100 pounds for her wedding day. You can read more about how she did it here.