DeKalb Ambulance Service holds domestic violence education session for the community

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. - Staff at the DeKalb Ambulance Service are working to provide education opportunities for the community about domestic violence.  An employee was killed earlier this year in a domestic violence situation and through this effort and others like it, the company is keeping her memory alive.

Representatives from a local domestic violence shelter presented the harsh situations that encompass domestic violence to staff and the community at DeKalb Ambulance Service Friday morning.  "We've decided to partner with Kelley's Rainbow to do some education, and not only education,"  explains  director Mark Ford, "We want them to be able to learn about what to do, how to do, and when to do, when you have knowledge of domestic violence or you're part of domestic violence."

Twenty-five-year-old Ashley Scott died earlier this year. Police say a domestic violence report had been filed just days before her death. Fort Payne Police found Scott dead in her home. Her husband is charged with her murder.

Scott was a full-time EMT with DeKalb Ambulance Service. The organization is selling shirts to raise awareness for domestic violence in remembrance of her, and this training adds to that.

"We're looking at bringing in people who are experts in the field, so they can bring information to the public and those who want to hear it to help those get out of a bad situation," Ford says.

This session is something DeKalb Ambulance Service leaders want to add to the group's community outreach. "If we can give information enough for one person to get out of a violent situation it's worth every bit of it," Ford says.

Domestic violence shirts are still for sale at DeKalb Ambulance Service for $12. The proceeds will go to Kelley's Rainbow, which offers domestic violence help in Albertville.

You can buy shirts by calling the agency at (256) 845-4027, or through social media.