Plant clematis now for big, beautiful blooms next spring


Clematis is a climbing vine that blooms a lot.  There are several different varieties of clematis that produce a number of different colors and shapes of blooms.

First is comtesse de bouchard.  It blooms with a rosie pink flower and flowers through the spring and summer.  Niobe is another variety that is covered in deep red blooms, that flowers in June, August, and September.  A third variety is jackman superba.  It blooms off and on throughout the summer.

Lanuginosa candida, or just candida for short, blooms with big, white, flowers in June and July, then again in September.

Clematis vines are best planted in the fall, so now is the time to get yours in your garden.  If you plant them now, they'll go dormant through the cold months, allowing the roots to grow, then they'll start blooming in the spring and summer, making a bigger plant and more beautiful display.

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