A typhoon & missing spacecraft are included in this morning’s headlines

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Here are the basics, listen up!

Typhoon Haima

Late on Wednesday night, the Philippines were hit by a second typhoon storm in less than a week. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center downgraded it from a super typhoon before it hit land. Thousands of people are in evacuation centers, but luckily no deaths have been reported.

Is spacecraft Schiaparelli lost forever?

A spacecraft which was expected to land on Wednesday mysteriously stopped responding 50 seconds before its anticipated landing time. The thing is, even if Schiaparelli did land on the red planet, it will only operate for another three to 10 days before the bettery goes kaput.

ISIS may finally be fleeing Mosul

Mosul is Iraq's second largest city, and ISIS has been in control of it for the past two years. The offensive to free Mosul was expected to last weeks, or even months, but on the fourth day (Thursday) of the offensive, Iraqi's prime minister is saying that the battle to retake the city is progressing "much more quickly than we thought."