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Tools For Teachers winner’s dedication is both in and out of class

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JACKSON COUNTY -- I think we all know someone in life that does a little extra than what's required  and is helpful and caring. These are a few characteristics that describe this week's Tools For Teachers winner.

Shirlene Moore teaches at Section High School in Jackson County.

Shirlene Moore teaches her class at Section High School.

Shirlene Moore teaches her class at Section High School.

Her principal, Gene Roberts, is proud to have her on staff. "She is an outstanding teacher, works very hard at what she does."

He said Moore goes above and beyond the call of duty for both students and teachers.

"Anytime teachers need help with anything, they go to Mrs. Moore. She's always willing to help," Roberts said.

WHNT News 19 surprised Shirlene Moore with some cash for her classroom and she was grateful!

"Thank you so much! That's great! That's a surprise! That's fantastic!" Mrs. Moore said.

We learned during our visit that Mrs. Moore's dedication to her students continues way beyond her time in the classroom.

A fellow teacher, Marlene Nealy, described a former student of Mrs. Moore that she still helps out.

"She had a student that left here about 15 years ago,"Nealy said tearfully, "She lives on her own now. She does have family but Mrs. Moore buys her groceries and takes her food on a weekly basis."

Clearly teaching is more than a profession for Mrs. Moore, it's her passion.

"It's not just high school, it's beyond high school. Teaching is something I have always wanted to do early in my life," Moore said.

Congratulations to Shirlene Moore of Section High School for winning Tools For Teachers!

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