Rep. Anthony Daniels to seek role of Alabama House Minority Leader

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– When we asked Representative Anthony Daniels (D- Huntsville) about his reaction to Alabama House Minority Leader Craig Ford’s recent letter to Democratic leadership, he revealed he plans to run for Minority Leader himself.

Rep. Ford will not seek re-election as Minority Leader, and in his letter has asked Nancy Worley (Party Chairwoman) and Dr. Joe Reed (head of the State Democratic Executive Committee) to step down.

Rep. Daniels said, “When we are dealing with the party business, I think internal affairs should be dealt with internally.” He later noted that he would like to see a sit-down between Ford, Reed and Worley to handle the situation.

“I think that given the super minority, we are too small to be divided and I think if we could really show some unity, come together, and discuss the issues, I think that channeling our energy to finding issues of common ground is going to help,” he commented.

Then, WHNT News 19 asked if he would be interested in running for Minority Leader, because the party will soon need a new one.

“It’s funny that you say that, I am actually,” he said. “I will be seeking to become Minority Leader for a number of reasons. With my fundraising background, any leader of any party has to have the ability to raise money. They have to have the ability to be able to broaden the base and get people excited about being a part of the party process. And they have to have the ability to engage all members. So yes, I will be seeking Minority Leader.”

Rep. Daniels said he’s getting a lot of encouragement and feels good about his chances. He says he’s always been about unity, and feels it’s the right time to seek a higher leadership position.

“I’m all about having an open conversation, and an open dialogue, and figuring out a way to move forward,” he said. “That’s an attitude I went into the Legislature with.”

He believes what comes next for the Alabama Democratic Party should be a pivot from how he thinks some people may see it.

“We are Alabama Democrats, we are not Washington Democrats,” he explained. “We have our own uniqueness. I want to kind of rebrand us to being the party of unity, and the party of inclusion.”