New Storm Shelter Coming to Gurley

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GURLEY, Ala.--A new storm shelter will be installed in the Gurley area in the days ahead. It will be located at the Senior Center.

District Three County Commissioner Eddie Sisk said during his term he's installed two storm shelters, and would like to leave office by installing a third.

"There's not a storm shelter in that particular area, and then we got a senior center there too so it gives us a place in case that something comes in, bad weather comes in the seniors will have a place to go," said Commissioner Sisk.

Sisk added that it will be for the community too, and anyone seeking shelter from the violent storms North Alabama can face.

"It'll hold 192 people I think is what it is, and of course if there's really a storm bearing down I'm sure they can get more than that in," he said.

Sisk said that the other two storm shelters he's worked to install have been met with positivity from their surrounding communities.

"The first one has been online and they used it every time there has been a call out for bad weather, they flooded in and really used the shelter," he said.

He thinks the new storm shelter in Gurley will have a good reception as well. Commissioner Sisk said that now that the County Commission approved the contract at Wednesday's meeting, the shelter should be built in about ninety days.