County Commission still debating over Madison County Harbor ownership

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala.--  The Madison County Commission has a controversial decision to make. There has been a proposal to move the ownership of property of the Madison County Boat Harbor to Ditto Landing. Many members of the Whitesburg Boat and Yacht Club came to speak at the commission meeting Wednesday against this decision. Due to public outcry,  the commission decided to table the vote until a later date.

District Three Commissioner Eddie Sisk said he knows talk about changing the ownership of the harbor comes with concerns. But maintains there won't be drastic changes.

"The harbor will remain the same, the boathouses will remain there, everything will remain the same except for they will be in charge of making sure that everything is up to code," he explained.

However, Commissioner Sisk said he still thinks this decision is one that needs to be made. He said he's given Whitesburg Yacht Club ample time to make changes.

"The things that I've addressed has not been fixed, and so I think it's time for us to give it to somebody that can oversee it that will take care of the things that needs to be addressed," he said.

Yacht Club Commodore Theo Galzerano disagrees. He said this decision will have a great impact on those who use the Yacht Club's public facilities.

"If Ditto takes over management, that they will maintain the grounds, and provide resource, however it will be at great cost to the individual members of the public," said Galzerano.

A cost he said could reach up to three hundred percent more than what they pay now. He said the 62 acres they're talking about was zoned for public use, and so the public must decide what's the best use of that land. He said so far that has not been the case.

"The use of this greater 62 acres is not truly considered in open dialogue with the public, that's my concern," said Galzerano.

Commodore Galzerano said he considers the commission's decision to table the vote for now, a small victory.