Boots on the Square to honor both past and present veterans and service members over Veterans Day

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Boots tell a lot about a member of the military: where they've walked, what they've seen and what they've sacrificed. That is why a Cup of Everything coffee shop is organizing a display around the Madison County Courthouse over Veterans Day weekend in Downtown Huntsville.

Veteran Ty Oswald served in the United States Army from October 23, 2000 to 24 October 24, 2006. He is helping A Cup of Everything organize the display to honor fallen veterans and active duty, they have organized a separate display for veterans who committed suicide.

"If we have 25 boots, that's awesome cause that's 25 more stories put out there for the community to learn about," Oswald said. "But, if we have 10,000 that would be awesome too."

People can drop off pairs of boots or shoes that either represent themselves or a member of the military outside the courthouse in the morning on November 10. You are asked to include a printed off 5X7 photo of the service member zip-tied to the top eyelets of the shoes. Then, on the backside of the photo, please include their story.

"Being able to learn their story gives you a little bit more of an appreciation of what they did while they served," Oswald said.

The community can see the display from Thursday afternoon on November 10 through Saturday, November 12 at noon. There will be an opening ceremony beginning at 4:00 p.m. on November 10 on the square.

There will be volunteers on site all weekend to make sure the boots are protected.