Sen. Bill Holtzclaw talks about importance of energy efficiency

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Energy Huntsville held one of its monthly meetings Tuesday morning, but this time with a guest speaker who knows a lot about north Alabama.

It was a give and take during the meeting, where state Senator Bill Holtzclaw was the guest speaker.

"I decided to kind of flip the script and turn it into more of a town hall," Holtzclaw said.

Members of the organization raised questions to the senator, while he enlightened them on the legislative process when it comes to energy policy.

"Some of the key things I wanted to pass on was the legislative process and how the importance of advocacy as well as grass-roots interacting with government officials to help them better understand the concerns regarding energy policy," Senator Holtzclaw said.

The senator says he was interested to see how many people were so passionate about energy in our state, not only the renewable energy discussions, but how businesses can be more energy-efficient.

"Helping them maintain a great deal of savings through energy inefficiencies and revamping existing buildings," Holtzclaw said.

He says many of us sometimes take energy for granted, but this meeting and significant events bring the issue to the forefront.

"I look back to 2011 when we had the tornado outbreaks and a lot of folks were without power for a number of days and you began to recognize how dependent it is in our daily life," Holtzclaw said.