Former Lake City Amusement Park in Guntersville faces third lawsuit

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. -- There are now three pending lawsuits claiming the closed-down Lake City Amusement Park owes thousands of dollars.

Several months have passed since Lake City Amusement Park closed down, but there are still structures and rides still in place. Monday morning crews were working to disassemble the remaining remnants that made up the park.

In the meantime, the company is facing yet another lawsuit.

Court documents filed in Marshall County show C. A. Langford Company is asking for just more than $42,000 for goods sold and delivered by the company, plus attorney's fees. Defendants  named in this lawsuit are Joseph Walls and Lake City Amusement Park. The relationship between the two defendants is not clear.

The documents go on to request just over $32,000 for materials used in the construction on the property owned by Lake City Amusement Park, and attorneys' fees. In the court documents, the company is requesting the court to enforce a lien against the Lake City Amusement Park property, and for funds from the sale to go toward money owed to C.A. Langford Company.

Lake City Amusement Park closed at the end of June after opening in April of this year, citing a loss in financial backing. The park boasted more than 35 rides and attractions. For weeks afterward there were allegations of unpaid employees and of money owed to season pass holders. Several employees told us at the time and for months after the close they were owed pay. We've learned some of those employees were recently paid, but not what they were fully owed.

The company is also facing two other lawsuits. Court documents show Goss Electric, Inc. is alleging Lake City Amusement Park still owes money for labor and work done by the company. The documents read Goss Electric says it supplied certain equipment and materials for the construction of the park. The papers go on to allege Lake City Amusement Park paid one bill but hasn’t paid the rest of what it owes. Goss Electric says the company owes at least $96,996.18.

A second lawsuit stems from a Decatur-based rental company. Court documents allege the company is owed unpaid rent and costs associated with rental construction equipment used at the park. Documents show Lake City Amusement Park owes more than $20,000.

Online records show there hasn't been any new documentation on either lawsuit for several months.

We reached out to the former owners, but we didn't get a response.