Local church helps to feed others in Day of Service

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Sunday was a day of community service for those at Monte Sano United Methodist Church. The congregation held its 3rd annual Day of Service with over 100 volunteers.

Projects ranged from repair to maintenance work, but they also helped pack meal kits for those in need. Each bag will serve six meals for about .29 cents all together. It's the type of service that goes beyond the meal prepping here in Huntsville.

"They told us today that these very well may go to Haiti after the big hurricane disaster over there and our church is already involved with Haiti so that's really uplifting for us to be able to help them out," said volunteer, Scott Williams.

After filling, sealing and packing...the church hopes this leads others to serving more than just one day a year.

"We feel that we're called to help one another and treat everyone as our neighbor so this is one way that we can join together," said Williams. "There's so much more we can do working together especially with these great organizations like stop hunger now."

And with each ring of the gong...one thousand more bags are packed, ready to be sent to those who need them most. With love, from Huntsville.

To find more information about the Stop Hunger Now initiative, you can visit their website.