Albertville Police officers participate in No Shave November a little early, plan to top the $5,200 raised last year

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – Last year the Albertville Police Department raised thousands of dollars for a local non-profit agency, and this year the officers are working to top that.

For the second year, Albertville Police officers are participating in No Shave November, but with a twist and for a cause that hits close to home. “I have a goal for an amount that I want to set that we’re raising money for, for Shepherd’s Cove,” Chief Doug Pollard said.

Hospice of Marshall County Shepherd’s Cove supported Chief Pollard’s family when his mother passed away. “You think your whole world is coming to an end, but then people up there, they make it pleasant for you,” Pollard said.

The officers started No Shave November this week — earlier than normal — and they’ll continue until December. “Each officer has to donate $60 of their own money or get donations, whatever they want to do,” Pollard said. “Right now we’ve got a local business that’s sponsoring three officers to help raise the money.”

The officers also have to donate to United Way throughout the year. The majority of the department is involved in the initiative. “We were able to raise $5,200 last year. This year our goal is a little higher than that,” Pollard said.

Pollard says he’s strict on dress code and a clean-shaven face is part of that, but they want to give back to the community and top what they were able to do last year. “We want to give back to the community and the only way we want to do that is where people need it the most,” Pollard said.