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A Social Security Referendum? Not So!

Image courtesy of MGN Online

Seniors nationwide are receiving letters from a fake organization that claims the Social Security program is about to be cancelled by congress. Pretty scary stuff, especially for seniors whose sole source of income is Social Security.

As luck would have it, the organization states that it is working hard to keep the Social Security program alive. All seniors have to do is sign the enclosed referendum and help support the cause by donating $15 – $20. This will allow referendums to be sent out to additional seniors across the country.

The Reality: The Federal Government is not planning to dismantle Social Security. The referendum is simply a device to scare seniors into donating money to con artists –just another type of phishing scam.

  1. If you receive a letter like this, tear it up and throw it away.
  2. Don’t give out any personal information like your Social Security Number.
  3. Don’t give out a credit card number or bank account number.
  4. Go to to check out any organization that claims to represent your interest, before providing any personal information or financial information.

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