Local veterans organization awarded challenge grant, asks for community’s help to receive it

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Veterans of North Alabama Services Assistance Program Inc. (VONASAP) received good news last week. The Daniel Foundation of Alabama awarded them a $20,000 challenge contribution. But, there's a catch. The non-profit organization must come up with $20,000 to receive the foundation's grant.

VONASAP said the money would go towards purchasing a box truck to move furniture and home appliances to veterans' apartments. This local group gives low-income veterans everything they would need to furnish an apartment at no cost to them.

But, they are depending on an old truck and open-bed trailer to move goods from their Huntsville warehouse to the veterans' new homes. The problem is, the open-air trailer is damaging the items, especially when it rains. But, President Jane Dow said this is just one problem of the truck.

"We won't be able to deliver furniture much longer because our transmission is barely shifting out at this point," Dow explained. "So, our truck is fixing to die and we need a box truck ASAP."

Dow said every penny helps in raising this $20,000. If you would like to help them meet their goal, you can send money to the agency by addressing the envelope to Veterans of North Alabama Services Assistance Program Inc., P.O. Box 11301, Huntsville, AL 35814 or you can donate online to the program's PayPal account by visiting www.veterans-on-asap-huntsville.com/Volunteer.