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Huntsville family’s Orlando vacation goes awry, waiting out Hurricane Matthew

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.--  With Hurricane Matthew as widespread as it is, you probably know someone who's been affected. Huntsville resident Cindy Goodrum was just trying to enjoy a girls' week with her family when they got stuck in the middle of Hurricane Matthew. Now, they're just trying to get home.

"Right now they're at sixty-five mile an hour gusts, about fifty miles an hour just the wind is, but we're safe," said Goodrum.

Goodrum said despite the weather, there's not really a sense of urgency to get out. In fact, they've been told not to leave, and that they're safer where they are.

"The resort we're at, it can withstand hurricane winds, they said they have enough food for four days, and they have back up generators, so we don't have to worry about lights," explained Goodrum.

"The parks are closed today, everything, there's a curfew, you cannot drive out on the roads, they said you'd get a ticket, or worse, so there's nobody out on the roads," she continued.

Goodrum and her family had a flight scheduled for Saturday, but it was canceled.

"What they're saying is the airport won't open until, well they have no idea when it's going to open, but we do have a flight for Monday,"she said.

Goodrum said she's never been experienced weather quite like this.

"With Huntsville being tornado alley, I've been in high winds, but not for this length of time, it's just not stopped," she said.

Goodrum's ready to say goodbye to Orlando.

"My granddaughter's enjoying it, but I'm ready to get home, definitely" she said.

There really is no place like home.