GOOD NEWS: Bracelet found at local park is returned to its rightful owner

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Thursday night, we told you about a bracelet found by an 8 year old boy and his mother, out at Mayfair Park. They've been working since last Saturday to find the rightful owner. Only 12 hours after our story aired, we got results, and found who the bracelet belongs to.

Mindy Nettles called the newsroom Friday morning, extremely emotional, letting us know that it was her bracelet that we featured on air.  She could describe each and every charm in vivid detail.

Perhaps the only thing more amazing than the significance this bracelet has in her life, is the story behind how it ended up in Mayfair Park in the first place.

“I can’t tell you what you gave back to me sweetheart," says Nettles, the bracelet's owner.

Of all her earthly possessions, nothing means quite as much as the charm bracelet. It was given to her by her beloved son. On the back of one charm in particular reads the inscription, “Thanks Mom, from Jacob.”

“That charm is probably the most meaningful to me so I feel like he was kind of watching over me too and helped me find it," she says.

Mindy lost her son, Jacob, a few years ago. “The bracelet was given to me on Mother’s Day when my son was a year old," says Nettles.

The charms became a tangible reminder of an incredible life.

As you can imagine, something so special is not something Mindy would just lose, and that's because she didn't.  “They stole a lot of things from my house but this was the one thing that was the most important to me," she says.

Nettles says a group of people burglarized her house, just down the street from the park. Her theory is the burglars ditched the bracelet when they saw it was something too personal to sell.  “This was the one thing I really wanted to get back," she says.

It was lost, until little Wesley and his mother found it and made it their mission to track down the owner. “I want to thank Kim and her family, and WHNT," says Nettles.

Mindy may never get her other belongings back, but perhaps she's gained a new young friend.

“Thank you for raising a good boy," Nettles said to Wesley's mother.

“I’m just really happy that I made someone happy," says Wesley.

As for that beautiful bracelet, it's right back where it belongs.  “It makes me feel very hopeful that someone as sweet as you gave it back to me when someone who wasn’t as sweet took it from me," Nettles told Wesley.

The 8 year old didn't walk away empty handed. Mindy was so impressed that Wesley found the bracelet and worked with his mother to find the rightful owner, that Mindy baked the family cookies.

She also gave Wesley an envelope and asked him to open it later. She insisted that needed to be their little secret.