Children’s Halloween costumes to avoid

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So as you get into the Halloween spirit, and you're out looking for that perfect costume for your children -- we found a few you might want to avoid.

The "Sexy Devil" for young girls. The description says "enough with the goody two shoes costumes already.


There's also "The Sexy Cop" for young girls. "kids love everyday heroes, such as police offers, and you should encourage that" -- says the description.


Or how about "Major Flirt," the costume that claims to be for a girl who likes to make a big first impression.


Don't forget about those little ones. How about a baby bartender? This one says "This little guy knows all the mixtures for all the cocktails you could want."


This gem called "The Baby Cigarette." The description reads "No worry of cancer with this cigarette costume."


And just when you thought you had seen it all we found "The Baby Pot Plant." It's listed as just the right combo of cute and edgy.