Vehicles, deputy cruiser burglarized in Fayetteville, reward now offered for information

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. - Fayetteville Police are looking for more information about a series of vehicle break-ins that happened last week.

Police say on September 29, residents of the Wellsbrook Subdivision reported more than 20 break-ins. Small items, and some money were taken from several vehicles. But officers are especially concerned about the gear taken out of an unmarked Lincoln County Sheriff's Office cruiser parked in a deputy's driveway.

"The sheriff's department vehicle was missing a tactical vest, a firearm, and various other law enforcement related gear," said Coby Templeton, Administrative Commander. "Just knowing that someone else has that, has access to that, means we're making it a priority."

Templeton said the department is working with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and TBI, and has notified the ATF, in the case. He said the cruiser had been locked at the time of the burglary.

This is one of a few reported burglaries of officers' gear out of cruisers. Another incident happened in Limestone County recently.

In the meantime, investigators are asking people to keep their vehicles locked, and watch over their own property and that of their neighbors. Templeton added it's a good idea to have decent lighting in your front yard, so you and your neighbors can better watch for suspicious activity. He said most of the vehicles were unlocked, although burglars broke some of the windows to get inside.

"That was a big thing with these break-ins," he said. "They just went through and opened doors and got what they wanted."

Police are patrolling neighborhoods more frequently since the reported break-ins, and are on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. Investigators are wondering if the Fayetteville burglaries are connected to any in Lincoln County, or down in Madison County.

A reward of up to $3000.00 is being offered for any information leading to an arrest in these cases.

Anyone with information can contact the Fayetteville Police Department at 931-438-7771 or Crimestoppers at 931-433-STOP.