Governor Bentley issues executive order to create Advisory Council on Gaming

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MONTGOMERY  – Governor Robert Bentley issued an executive order to  create the Alabama Advisory Council on Gaming.

The council's purpose will be to assess the current state and local laws on gambling, as well as the taxes generated by gambling.

The council will also evaluate the best practices in other states, including the tax revenue structures and the enabling and implementing regulations and laws, as well as compare Alabama state laws to applicable federal gaming laws.

The Governor will make seven appointments to the council, the Speaker of the House will appoint two members of the Alabama House of Representatives, one Democrat and one Republican, the President Pro Tem of the Senate will make appoint two members of the Alabama Senate, one Democrat and one Republican and additional appointments will be made as the Governor deems necessary.

The Governor will also appoint one representative from the Alabama Sheriffs Association and one representative of the Alabama District Attorneys Association.

“Gaming in Alabama has been a long-term subject of dispute and controversy,” said Governor Bentley. “This Council will work to provide a fresh perspective on past efforts and a clear path forward as it pertains to gaming in the State of Alabama.”

The Governor will name his appointees and set a date for the first meeting in the near future.

The Council will present their findings and recommendations on gaming to the Governor, the President Pro Tem of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House by January 31, 2017.