Why it’s better to get the flu shot as early as possible

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It is that time again, flu shot season!  There are many misconceptions going around this time of year about the flu shot. Should you get it now? Get it later? Don't get it at all?  Because, rumor has it that it will give you the flu.

In some areas flu season has already begun. "We're already seeing Influenza. We have already had multiple confirmed cases." says flu expert, Nurse Ray with UnityPoint Health Services in Iowa in an interview with our sister station WHO.

Why do we need to get the flu shot so early? "If we get a jump on it and get people vaccinated, there is a better chance we can prevent a lot of people from getting sick." says Ray.

Just how long are flu shots active for? "The flu shot on average can be effective for 16 months. So, the earlier we get it the better." says Nurse Ray.

It is better to be safe now than to be sorry later.  "We know the flu shot is not 100% effective but it does start working within 2 weeks. So the best way is get your flu shot and practice good health hygiene." says Ray.

One big change to flu treatments this year is the CDC is recommending against the nasal spray option.  Recent studies have shown that the nasal spray isn't as effective as the traditional flu shot.