STEM Expo for First Missionary Baptist students

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - First through fifth grade students at the First Missionary Baptist Church Academy are learning more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics, all while having some fun.

A new program called, STEM 4 Kids, held a STEM expo Wednesday to show parents and faculty what the students have been learning already in the school year.

Around four years ago, the Child Development Center and Academy at the church brought in STEM 4 Kids.

"As an administrator, you want your children to enjoy school, you want them to learn, you want them to be glad to come here and to see them excited, having fun, yet learning...that's what it's all about," said Cheryl Davis, Child Development Center and Academy Administrator.

Later, STEM 4 Kids started teaching multiple times a week for the students. Although, in every class they taught, there was a missing piece to the puzzle.

"The first thing we normally do when we meet our kids is we ask them, "What do you want to be when you grow up?," said Angelo Coleman, STEM 4 Kids Co-Founder.

The answers ranged from doctors to football players.

"We were finding none of them really said 'I wanted to be an engineer,'" said Coleman.

And then it clicked.

"They didn't know what an engineer was!," said Coleman.

From learning about making ice cream at the molecular level to dissecting plants, the students are now warming up to the idea of becoming an engineer or maybe the next scientist to find the cure for cancer.