Evacuations Ordered As California Wildfires Grow

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The Loma fire in California's Santa Cruz Mountains continues to grow, reaching 2,250 acres Wednesday. Hundreds have evacuated the area since the fire began on Monday. This is only one of many wildfires in California. According to Cal Fire as of Wednesday afternoon there were 8 fires in California which spanned at least 1000 acres. California has been dealing with a heatwave and drought that makes wildfires like these difficult to contain, especially with the so called Santa Ana winds spurring them on.

The Santa Ana winds are downsloping winds which become very hot, dry, and fast as they move through the terrain of southern California. They are usually strongest during the cooler months, which means the months to come could bring more trouble for the drought-stricken state of California.

Fortunately in the coming days the forecast is calling for cooler temperatures and lighter winds, which will make the fires easier to contain.