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Wreaths for Veterans need volunteers to help make bows

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - For many, Christmas is a time for celebration, but also remembrance.

Every year, hundreds of volunteers, across the country make bows in nation-wide support for those who have risked their lives to serve our country. Wreaths for Veterans in Huntsville is part of the bigger initiative, Wreaths Across America.

For the last ten years, people across the Tennessee Valley have come together to make bows for Christmas wreaths.

But not just any wreaths...ones that will be placed on the graves of those who fought for our freedom.

"When we place that wreath on the grave, we don't know what creed they are, what their background is," said Joy Parker with Wreaths for Veterans. "We know they were a veteran and that's all we need to know."

Parker says the families of these veterans are a big reason why they continue this project year after year and it wouldn't be anything without the volunteers.

"We are desperately in need of volunteers," said Parker. "We need volunteers to help make the bows, even if you can't make a bow, you can cut."

Starting with 500 wreaths in the first year, the project has now grown to over 6,000 wreaths being placed around Huntsville.

"The least we can do is what our mission is, to remember, to honor and to educate our future generations of what a veteran is," said Parker.

If you'd like to help Wreaths for Veterans, you can contact Joy Parker at (256) 881-5487.