WHNT News 19’s Christine Mitchell goes behind the scenes of new “MacGyver” show

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ATLANTA -- Behind the scenes of an action-adventure TV series is no casual atmosphere —it takes a lot of equipment, a lot of people, a lot of time, and a lot of takes.

"MacGyver" filmed an episode at the Southeastern Train Museum north of Atlanta, using the scene there to depict the railways of Frankfurt, Germany.

“We’re on a train, a moving train, with lots of people, and we’re trying to do everything without scaring the people. So it’s pretty awesome," said Tristin Mays, who plays Riley Davis in the show. "We are shooting in a very tight, confined space so it’s very challenging-- camera guys are falling all over the seats and stuff. But it’s been fun, we’re having a good time.”

And the stunts that play a huge role in Hollywood action, well, they look a little different behind the scenes, of course.

“This is his stunt rigging jacket," said Nadine Haders, the show's costume designer. "So it’s got pick marks which means that there are holes in for stunts rigs so you can fly, and do the crazy stuff that MacGyver does.”

“The things that we’ve done so far—we’ve jumped off of helicopters onto the backs of trucks, we’ve repelled onto moving trains, we’ve crashed cars, we’ve crashed boats, I mean and we’re five episodes in," said Jeff Wolfe, MacGyver’s stunt coordinator. "So we’ll see what comes."

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