Should you park on the street in neighborhoods? Take a look at the city code

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-  Parking on the road in your neighborhood is something many people just do, but some people feel like it’s a violation of the law. According to the Huntsville Police Department, it actually isn’t illegal unless the car is actually broken down or it’s causing a safety hazard. Also, drivers can’t block driveways.

There are also city ordinances people must follow under the city of Huntsville municipal code too. The code says vehicles must be drivable and be up to date with tags; and have a license plate.

Huntsville’s city code enforcement manager said if someone is breaking the city ordinances they give the owner 24 hours to get the problem fixed; if not, you can be cited or even arrested. Your vehicle can also be impounded.

An HPD spokesperson recommended if you do decide to park on the street, to be aware of the street signs and park at least 15 feet away from a fire hydrant.

“When it comes to an intersection any type of traffic control device a stop sign, flashing red lights any of those type things you have to be 30 feet back from that intersection when you park, so you don’t block the view  of the motorist,” Lt. Stacy Bates said.

HPD does recommends you park in your driveway if you can.