Why is it so easy to forget children in cars?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-- It's hard to explain the grieving process of the family and friends of the seven month old baby who died after being left in a hot car on Redstone Arsenal. It was a somber day for Marshall Space Flight Center employees and our community.

Many people are left wondering, how could this happen? And why is it so common? Well, experts said parents have so many things going on, it's easy to get distracted. Especially once you get in that work zone, thinking about things you have to do. WHNT News 19 spoke with the National Children's Advocacy Center about why this kind of thing really can be an accident.

"It can happen to anyone, it's a tragedy, and it's preventable," said NCAC Prevention Director Deborah Callins.

It might seem unimaginable to forget your child in a car, but Callins said it can happen to anyone.

"This day and age everyone multitasks, and if you're driving to work your thoughts turn to what you have to do for your day, and you just forget, if the child has been silent," she said.

This particular incident has struck a nerve throughout the Tennessee Valley. Public outcry has been loud.

"Well it's traumatic for anyone who's involved with the situation, first responders, bystanders, the parents, and then it trickles out to the community," said Callins.

Callins said no one can imagine what the parents are going through.

"In most situations there's a lot of guilt, there's a lot of what if's or should have's, there's blame, and then there's healing," she said.

No one wants to go through this type of tragedy, it's important to keep that in mind.

"Well it's real easy when you're not walking in someone else's shoes, so I think that people need to not pass judgement quickly on a situation until all the facts are out," said Callins.

Until then, just hug your kids a little tighter. Callins said being vigilant, and practicing prevention methods can keep this kind of accident from happening to your family.