It’s the perfect time to start planning your cool-season flowers

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Fall is finally here, and while the temperatures certainly don't feel autumnal now, they will before too long.  As the temperatures change, so should the flowers in your garden.

The summer flowers that bloomed bright and vibrant all summer are about ready to be switched out for cool-season flowers.  These kinds of flowers can be planted in October, require little maintenance, and can survive the cooler temperatures.

Pansies are one of the most popular cool-season plants to grow.  When planted in October, pansies will usually bloom through the fall and winter, and into the spring, surviving the colder temperatures and still providing beautiful color to your garden.

Snapdragons are another cool-season plant that begin to bloom in October, and typically continue to bloom through Thanksgiving.  As the days get colder they will stop blooming, but will continue to grow underground until the spring when they come up covered with vibrant blooms.

Ornamental cabbage and kale are two other plants that do well in the fall.  These plants shouldn't be grown in a greenhouse because the temperatures are too hot.  The cooler weather of fall is the perfect climate for these plants to thrive.  Whether you choose pansies, snapdragons, cabbage, or kale, you'll enjoy a beautiful garden for months to come.

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