Boaz Middle School puts technology in hands of each student to help them prepare for their futures

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BOAZ, Ala. – In accomplishing a goal Boaz Middle School has been working toward for months, the school is ensuring its students are ready for their high school and college careers.

“We’ve been working for about the past 10 months to get ready to go to one-to-one Chromebook initiative here at Boaz Middle School,” said Boaz Middle School Principal Richard Rutledge. Thursday morning, those pieces of technology were handed out to each student at the school.

This initiative has been a priority. "We're doing a blended learning experience," explained Rutledge, "We're going to go through this slowly. Our teachers will be utilizing a learning management system called Canvas that will provide them the opportunity to put their notes, put their syllabus, issue quizzes and assessments, and students can have access to that when they're at home."

"I think it will give you a lot more typing skills, so when you get into college, instead of having to write all the notes down because there are a lot more notes, you'll be able to type faster than you'll be able to write," said student Jenna Pierce. "I think the way our world is, there is a lot more technology now than it was a long time ago."

"We really believe that this is where the future's going, this is what our students will see in high school and college, and so we want them to be prepared," said Rutledge. "As a middle school, that's our job is to prepare them for where they're going."

Providing this technology for the students is a goal for the school, to make sure they have the tools they need to be ready for their next steps.