Woofster comes home to the Bradford family

Madison, Ala. - About two years ago, we brought you the story of Everett Bradford, the fearless, now 6-year-old, with spina bifida. Then, he and his family were waiting on his service dog to make her journey home.

Now, Woofster is at home with the Bradford family.

Everett's mom says he is definitely a dog person.

"Pretty much from the moment he knew what a dog was, he wanted one," said Mandy Bradford.

Bradford says Woofster's journey home was a long one, but with help from the community, they were able to raise more than $10,000 to bring Woofster home from North Carolina.

"I was glad that somehow our son and what he has struggled through ya know, his whole life, there were people wanting to help us," said Bradford.

The Bradford family was told it would take two to three years to get Woofster and a little after the two year mark, Woofster made his new home in Alabama with the Bradfords.

The two-year-old Labradoodle is learning to help Everett with every day tasks.

"She can retrieve dropped items, which is good because Everett has stability issues," said Bradford. "His trunk is just really weak so when he's using his crutches it's hard to bend down."

The Bradfords say the training process is a day by day effort, but they're happy to have their newest member of the family home with them.

To follow the family's journey, you can visit their Facebook page.