Ways to conserve your gas during gas shortage

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - According to AAA the national average price for unleaded gas is $2.21; which is nine cents cheaper than last year.

The average price in Alabama is $2.01 and for some the increased prices can hurt their bank account, but there are ways to conserve your gas.

A spokesperson for AAA says price shopping is something that can help consumers. He said the public should price shop regardless of the gas shortage currently happening.

"Price shopping creates competition in the market place, so this makes sure these stations are pricing their gas cheaply as possible," Spokesperson for AAA Clay Ingram said.

Something else that will help you save on gas is to get a regular tune up on your vehicle.

Huntsville Christian Brothers Automotive owner Chris Davis said just a simple oil change and changing the air filter will help; also easing up on the gas pedal.

"Those who have a tendency to have a lead foot off the light your going to run the engine up. Your getting up to speed faster, but your working the engine harder to get there quicker," Huntsville Christian Brothers Automotive owner Chris Davis said.

AAA also offers resources to help consumers free of charge find cheap gas prices in the area. For more information visit the AAA website here: