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Political Analyst Jess Brown talks “political mismanagement” during the Special Session


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The dust has settled on the Special Session of the Alabama Legislature in Montgomery.  WHNT News 19’s Political Analyst, Jess Brown stopped by this week to break down just what did and what didn’t happen during this Special Session.

“The lottery portion of the session was the worst example of political mismanagement that I’ve seen in my lifetime in the legislature.” says Brown. “It’s the poorest political management of an issue I’ve ever seen. Nobody had anything close to their ducks in a row before they met the special session and that’s just not the way you do one. Then they put a band-aid on the budget at the end of the special session. They used the BP money and used the 640-million dollars and they put another band-aid on the General fund budget.”

View our entire conversation with WHNT News 19’s Political Analyst Jess Brown here in three parts: