Madison City Schools prepare students with hands-on, real world experience

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MADISON, Ala. - Students at Discovery and Liberty Middle School are getting a very hands-on education.

"A few years ago, we added a STEM Academy to the middle schools and one of the things we wanted to do was ensure that those electives fed right into our high school programs," said Heather Donaldson, Coordinator of Secondary Instruction.

One of those classes in the STEM Academy is brand new this school year.

Welcome to "Medical Detectives."

"To put it in one word, it's awesome," said Thomasena Garner, Liberty Middle School Teacher. "The kids love it, so that makes me love it even more."

Classes like this one at Discovery Middle will get real word, hands-on experience that is rarely seen in middle school.

"They get to kinda look in middle school and say 'Okay, what do I want to study in high school?' and then when they get to high school, they'll have a better idea of what they want to do in college," explained Garner.

All of this preparation and exposure is sparking interest in Madison city students.

Lorin Carter is an eighth grader at Discovery Middle and thanks to this class and the focus on science and the human body, she's decided she wants to be a nurse.

"In middle schools, sometimes those schools don't offer this class and in high school they do sometimes so it's cool that they would offer this to the younger side," said Carter.

While everyone may not grow up to be the next "CSI" star, teachers say these classes are putting excitement in learning.