Lawrence County Schools prepare to lose $183K due to HB24 bill

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala - House Bill 24 passed the Alabama legislature, allowing the county revenue department to pay for their budget before paying other agencies.

"The Lawrence County Board of Education at its current budget would lose $183,000 dollars," explained Superintendent Johnny Yates.

Municipalities and the hospital board in the county will also be affected. Plus, it's an annual cut.

Superintendent Yates says the cut is the equivalent of three teachers. He says the school board learned about it after it passed.

Yates says the district also cut $1.9 million from their budget two years ago. Yates has to look at what he budgeted for that now has to go.

"Some programs, a roof at Moulton Middle School, some trucks for the maintenance department," he listed.

Commissioner Bobby Burch is working with his commission and the school district to figure out the best way to lessen the impact. Meanwhile, Yates says he's looking to repeal the bill altogether.

The board of education meets Thursday at six to discuss the money loss. The county commission meets to approve budgets on September 27.