Health Matters: Greg Screws taking it one day at a time, and he’s seeing results

My roadmap for my journey to get healthy is pretty simple.  I’m at 2,000 calories a day. I use the Fitness Pal App to “stay between the lines” so to speak.

It’s a huge help and helps me manage snacks and late night food the most. I’ve realized that most of the time I’m looking for food late, I’m not really hungry.

I try to do 30 minutes of cardio every day. I shoot for 60 … but can’t do that consistently yet. Every other day I do weight work. When I got sick, I weighed 310.  I’m now at 282.  I’m “trending” in the right direction.  My blood pressure is down and all the other key numbers are better.

Huntsville Hospital nutritionist Linda Steakley has also been a huge help. She has guided me through a nutrition plan and is just the sweetest person in the world.

So far, it’s going well. I’m trying to focus on a day at a time. It’s hard to stay on track some days. Real life gets in the way.  Today, for example, I won’t get a chance to work out at all, and tomorrow is 50/50.

But I’m better. Each day I get better. I’m very lucky and very thankful for the people at Huntsville Hospital and here at WHNT News 19.

Our station general manager is Stan Pylant. He’s just about the best human being you will ever meet. I’ve worked at TV stations in 35 years of news broadcasting where the GM couldn’t find the newsroom with a map.  Not Stan. He knows everyone in the building by name and cares about them.

Last week, I was literally sprinting down the hall to get a shower and start working. It was a day where I was “behind already.”

Stan stopped me. He told “I can tell what you and Jerry are doing. I appreciate the fact y’all are working so hard. I want you both to get better and healthier. That is the most important thing that is happening here.”

It was one of those moments, again, where I realized how lucky I was.

Great friends. Great people.