Gas station in Scottsboro with no gas due to pipe leak

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - This BP on S. Broad Street is one of many gas stations in Scottsboro without gas.  They have been out of regular and premium fuel since Sunday morning.

"Mostly because people bought a lot because of the pipeline leak. They panicked. So we had a lot of panic buying," says Leanna Cornelius, a BP employee.  "We had a lot of gas cans filled."

Management says they don't know when their next truck supply will come and all they can do is wait.  "We just let them know that we're completely out and they start working on getting a truck," Leanna said.  "We're not sure when that will be but they're trying."

Many customers have voiced their frustrations because of the lack of gas in the city.  This BP says they have even seen a difference in business because of the shortage.  This is the second time in a week they have been completely without gas.

"People pull up and see that we don't have gas and they just kind of leave. Kind of sitting tight until we do, and hope people still come into the store."