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SATURDAY: Bash at the Brick to benefit first responders


DECATUR, Ala. – An evening of fun is set to help first responders when they need it most.

Saturday is the ten-year anniversary of the fire at the Brick in downtown Decatur. On that day, the restaurant will play host to Decatur Fire’s “Bash at the Brick.”

The celebration begins at six in the evening. Everyone is welcome, and firefighters, police officers, and emergency responders will benefit.

“We have door prizes, silent auction, selling our shirts, we have 5 bands playing that night, throughout that night, and all the money will go to the Brothers for Life Benefit Fund,” explained Brandon Strickland with Decatur Fire.

Brothers for Life provides resources for the men and women who respond to emergencies, as well as their families, when they are injured or pass away.