Mayor Kyle wants to debate challenger Tab Bowling before runoff election

DECATUR, Ala. - Three weeks to the runoff, and Mayor Don Kyle says he wants to share a stage with his challenger one more time.

"I think it would be very informative to the citizens if we have an honest debate and they got to take a look at the differences between someone like me who does know the process and has been successful and the other person who makes promises with a lot of talk," explained the mayor.

Mayor Kyle finished with 24% of the vote, while challenger Bowling took 48%.

But Bowling says he hasn't heard of anyone even interested in holding a debate between the two.

"Four years ago, Mayor Kyle's opponent wanted to debate him and Mayor Kyle was in the lead," said Bowling. "And Mayor Kyle would not debate his opponent. So similar situation, when you're in this position, the person that is in Mayor Kyle's position would only want to attack me. He's doing that now. We wouldn't want to get into that."

Bowling also points out that all five candidates had multiple forums where they shared a stage, including one at the Princess Theater in late July.

"And with that, after hearing those discussions, 76% of Decatur voters voted for change," he said.

But Mayor Kyle strongly believes a debate would be in the voters' best interest.

"There's plenty to debate and he's been dodging it the whole campaign," said Mayor Kyle. "I think it should happen but the other candidate's got to have the courage to stand up and be willing to do it."

Any group, organization, or venue could host a debate. The runoff election is