Jerry gets some help counting his calories and it’s working!

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  You've heard it before. You are what you eat. I’ll say amen to that. I’m on a journey to living a healthier lifestyle. That includes eating right. I’ll be honest, changing my eating habits is tougher than the workouts I’m doing in the gym right now.

When we're hungry, we eat. When we eat more calories than we're burning, we gain weight. And I was tipping the scales at 232 pounds. Part of my getting healthy journey includes eating better and smarter. Registered dietitian Juliana Wright is helping me do that.

“To lose weight, you've got to consume 500 to a thousand calories less than what you typically eat,” Juliana told me. So to lose two pounds a week, I’ll have to lose a thousand calories each week. It’s all about portions. Juliana pointed out, “You can eat healthy food but eating too much of it, you could still be gaining weight.” That’s what I don’t want to do.

And if you’re eating out, ask for a “to go” box. “Plan on bringing home half if you go to a restaurant,” Juliana said “And saving it for lunch or dinner the next day.”

She’s given me some great ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. “There`s not one food that is going to help you lose weight. It’s not like it`s going to be a perfect food out there, a perfect meal. It’s more just your overall making better choices,” she told me.

That’s what I’m doing, eating healthier and counting calories. I do that with an app called “My Fitness Pal.” I log everything I eat. I’ve also give Juliana access so she can see how I’m doing and make suggestions. Juliana suggested, “Let’s track what we’re eating and stick to the 18 hundred. We can fine tune the nutrition as time goes.”

The bottom line here is you have to count calories and stick to your goal of staying under that magic number. And exercise. I was in the gym working out three times last week. In four weeks, I've lost 11 pounds and lowered my blood pressure 20 points. I'll be the first to admit, I feel better.