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Chapman Sixth Grade Kidcam!

I learn something new every time I go visit a school – even schools I’ve been to many times before!  When I visited Chapman’s Sixth Grade last year, I wore mismatched shoes.  This year the shoes matched, but we had a lot of fun anyway!

This crew has grown to 141 students, and Mrs. Bates teaches every single one of them in their science block (talk about a job)!  Sixth Grade is the first year these students get a class dedicated to science; it’s intermingled with reading in the lower grades, so there is a big “wow” factor for these students when they see and hear things for the first time.

What is this?

What is this?

I like to focus on a few elements of science other than weather: like why definitions matter and the importance of seeing the big picture.  This is the first picture I show and ask “what is that?!”

The first response is almost always “tornado!”

When they hear the back story and the weather conditions that day (calm wind, clear sky, 25ºF), they see it for what it is: smoke from the bowling alley fire on the Parkway in March 2015.

Sure, it’s a trick, but I love to see them think critically about everything else I say.  You can see the wheels turning.

These young men and women are bright, and they were so welcoming!  Thank you to Mrs. Bates and the entire Sixth Grade for a fun Monday morning and a great cookie cake!

Here’s the video I showed on WHNT News 19 at 5 PM:

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