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Arab Police investigate string of car break-ins – “Ninety-nine percent of the time for our area, they just walk around pulling the door handle”

ARAB, Ala. -- The Arab Police Department is investigating several car break-ins that happened overnight, and police say the crimes were as easy as opening a door.

The Arab Police Department says two of the break-ins were in the same area. Officers believe they're all related.

Chief Ed Ralston says unfortunately this is a common occurrence, and all the thief does is walk by and pull on vehicle door handles. "You'll see individuals walk around and they just pull the door handle," Ralston explains, "If the car's locked, they move on. If it's not, then they burglarize or take whatever they need from the vehicle."

Ralston says that's typically how car break-ins happen in his department's jurisdiction. "It's rare that somebody will actually break a window, or jimmy a door to get into the vehicle," Ralston says, "Ninety-nine percent of the time for our area, they just walk around pulling the door handle."

Arab Police say more often than not, those items stolen out of cars usually don't make it back to their owners because once taken, those items are hard to trace. "It's nearly impossible, because most of the things they take don't have serial numbers. If they do, the individuals don't have them," Ralston says, "It's very hard to trace those things back and identify them as belonging to the victim."

Police say even if you think your neighborhood is safe, lock your doors -- in your car, and in your home.

If you know anything about the car break-ins, you're asked to call Arab Police.