TEDAC Director explains the importance of analyzing explosive devices in counter terrorism development


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The  FBI’s Terrorist Explosive Devices Analytical Center or TEDAC is an important part of Redstone Arsenal.  This week, the FBI TEDAC Director, Gregory Carl stopped by WHNT News 19 to give his perspective on why the analyzing that TEDAC does is important for the development of counter terrorism measures.

“Essentially what TEDAC does, is we do the attribution from the counter IED perspective.”  Says Gregory Carl.  “So, we try to figure out how that bomb was made, who made it. Then basically we are able to provide that forward-looking, that left of boom information to our investigators and the policy makers so we could actually be able to make decisions, maybe on aviation security.  If we see an emerging threat, how do we share that information with the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security, so that they could develop that next detection system to keep IED’s from getting on aircraft? It may be as much as getting the bio-metrics off an IED so that we don’t allow bomb makers into this country, sneaking in as refugees and things of that nature.  So we really do a lot of the exploitation, whether it be the chemical exploitation or electronic exploitation.  Which also provides the information to the tool developers for the electronic counter measures, so that we can keep our troops safe and the bomb squad safe when they’re out doing their job.

View our entire conversation with FBI TEDAC Director Gregory Carl here in three parts: