Saturday Night Storms Brought Little Relief To Dry Conditions In The Valley

Many across the Tennessee Valley were hoping to see rain Saturday night, since our rainfall totals have been below average since the spring. This latest round of storms didn’t help out very much though.


A cold front brought heavy downpours to some, but left others dry. The highest totals recorded were between one and two inches, with around 1.50 inches in Brownsboro. The showers were so isolated though that at the Huntsville Airport, only about .31 inches of rainfall was picked up.
The small amounts of rain that fell didn’t help Huntsville or Muscle Shoals catch up on rainfall totals. Huntsville is still running 4.79 inches below average and Muscle Shoals is 5.25 inches below.

droughtmonitor-9-6-16As the cold front marched eastward Saturday evening the line of storms started to fall apart. The consequence of this is that the areas of Alabama most in need of rainfall, didn’t get it. Most of Jackson County saw meager amounts of rainfall, but further south along the state border barely any rain at all fell. It’s going to take more than a few isolated downpours to pull out of this drought. According to Alabama’s State Climatologist Dr. John Christy’s weekly assessment, Jackson County would need 9.51 inches of rain to get out of this drought.

This coming week’s forecast does feature rain chances next weekend, and for Eastern Alabama, any rain will be beneficial. You can keep up with the forecast anywhere with the Live Alert 19 app!