A few seconds of pain, for a lifetime of happiness: Crimson’s Story

ARAB, Ala. - About two months ago, WHNT News 19 brought you the story about the devastating house fire that claimed an Arab family's long time home. One of the daughters, Crimson, suffered from third degree burns and spent a month at Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati.

Now, Crimson and her family are back home and adjusting to their new normal.

"I would just pray to God, being like, 'I can't do this, I need you Lord, just bring me home Lord, please...and he did. He did bring me home, he brought me to my home," explained Crimson Chambers, who spent 31 days at Shriners Hospital after her family home burnt to the ground.

Crimson has a story to tell. After spending time at Shriners, undergoing four surgeries to deal with the third degree burns on her body, it was finally time to come home.

"We were so so excited, we were just like 'We're coming home!,'" said Jennifer Gilbreath, mother of Crimson.

Jennifer spent her days at Shriners by Crimson's side, to find out it was an emotional battle they would face next.

"They tell us when you're there, you don't grieve, you don't have time to really do any of that because you're just worried about healing yourself at the time, so you're just thinking about the wounds you see," said Gilbreath.

While it was a difficult first couple of weeks home, Crimson spends her days reading and drawing to pass the time. Now, their family looks back on what shaped their "new" normal.

"I'm just so thankful that I got to meet everybody and Shriners is pretty much my second home and all of them are like family to me," said Crimson.

A few seconds of pain for a lifetime of happiness is the motto Crimson and her mother lived by during one of the most difficult of times.

Their family continues to live by that phrase every day.

Crimson will be able to go back to school in just a few days, where she will start her 8th grade year at Arab Junior High.