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Wealth Building Programs – Not So Much


Watch out for wealth building offers that make grand claims, but fall flat on returns. The BBB of Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky warns that consumers in the Tennessee Valley are receiving mail offers for Work-at-Home or Business Opportunities that promise thousands of dollars a month in return for little or no work or experience.

As is most often the case, these offers prove “too-good-to-be-true.”  Work-at-home companies will often charge high upfront fees for products, leads, or promotional services of questionable value.  You could also be at risk for some very bad consequences. You will most likely:

  • Lose money: Consumers have lost amounts ranging from $10 to $70,000, or more.
  • Waste time: You may throw away countless hours on worthless projects that cost you a lot of money to attempt and complete, but, in the end, give you nothing in return. Reports indicate that in the majority of multi-level marketing programs, most independent distributors make less than $500 per year.
  • Ruin your reputation: You can involuntarily sell your customers terrible quality merchandise or nonexistent products and services.
  • Be subject legal action: You can be held liable for perpetrating a fraud by deliberately or even unintentionally promoting and selling fraudulent products or services to others.

Don’t fall prey to these schemes and throw away your hard-earned money. If you receive an offer like this in the mail, just throw it away.

Here are red flags to look for in any business opportunity solicitation:

  • Exaggerated potential earning or profits.
  • Having “inside” information.
  • Requirements of money for instructions or products before telling you how the plan works.
  • No experience necessary.

Source: BBB Nashville – Promises of Cash Profits Leads to Empty Wallets.

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